A few words About Me

A love of sports, combined with a growth mindset, entrepreneurial spirit and snobbish approach to coffee.


Never settling for less

Whenever I do something, I always want to get the most out of it. This resulted in me founding my first company at age 19, playing multiple ultimate frisbee World and European Championships, co-founding a sports club and multiple associations for universities and having photos published by National Geographic.

There are many lessons you learn when playing sports at the highest level, that apply to other aspects of life, including business. I believe strongly that the most creative solutions lie outside your current field of expertise.

All of these different experiences, supplemented with a love of arts infused by my late mom, I combine in my work. Whether it is speaking, the Automation Caffeine podcast or developing products, I give it a 100%.

My entrepreneurial journey

From the age of 12, when I got my first hand-me-down PC, I knew that I wanted to make software. The idea of developing something and having people able to use it all around the world really appealed to me.

At 19, I started my first company together with a friend, to develop Windows software and first-generation web applications. We had very happy customers in the retail sector, but our plan to grow the company to make the impact that I strive for failed.

So we did what we thought the right thing to do when we stopped the company. We gave every customer one last update, that removed the license check and allow them to use the software indefinitely, for free.

This is when I met Mark Hulshof, with whom I started Nubiko, a software company focused on business applications. We quickly grew this company, though we found out that projects weren't our thing. We wanted to build products.

The company successfully pivoted to being a product company providing a flexible business application product: Cubebox. This still required implementation projects, which meant it was time for the next step.

That is when we started Triggre, a rock-solid platform for core business processes. Customers and partners can implement it without using any coding. Triggre today is used by companies around the world.


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