A keynote that is remembered

Have your audience learn something valuable, with an angle they've not heard before. My talks are always informative, thought-provoking and energizing. The perfect keynote for your next event!

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Stories that linger

My keynotes always revolve about a single learning point for the audience. Brought with a twist, to provoke thought and induce laughter, my keynotes are stories that people remember.

Any topic can be brought to life, by the right speaker. My keynotes always have a fresh, unexpected angle to them, taken from my experience as an international athlete and entrepreneur.

If you want your audience to learn something about a topic that others find very hard to bring to life, make sure to book a meeting to talk about the options!

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Speaking expertise

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Jesse is an expert and thought leader on the following topics:

  • Business automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Product development
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