Claudia Cafeo

Award-winning designer, manager and nurturer of online communities.


Building successful online communities

Feb 14, 2024
Claudia Cafeo

Claudia Cafeo

Claudia Cafeo has mastered the art of designing, automating, managing, and nurturing online communities. As the founder of Floxies Community and Community Manager at NoCodeOps, Claudia embodies a unique blend of Italian warmth and British structure, bringing together the best ingredients for successfully managing a community.

Guided by practical experience, influential reads like "The Business of Belonging", and community mentors like Rosie Sherry from Rosie.land, Claudia emphasizes the significance of quality over quantity in community building. She assesses the growth potential of each prospective member in her communities, making sure that the spaces she oversees transcend mere numbers to become platforms for meaningful engagement and mutual support.

Claudia explores the challenges of achieving diversity and inclusivity in professional environments, especially in sectors like technology where some groups are often underrepresented. Her solution involves fostering niche communities where people with shared interests and challenges can connect. Yet, even among these groups, cultural and background differences can lead to conflicts, highlighting the essential role of community managers in facilitating understanding and ensuring that every member feels heard and valued.

Listen in for a dose of inspiration on how to create & contribute to more inclusive, supportive, and thriving online communities.

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